Be water wise

June 6, 2018 Tara

Be water wise


Electrical accidents are a common cause of mining incidents, and the presence of water or damp has been identified as a contributing factor. Luckily, there’s a simple, reliable and cost-effective fix – and best of all, it’s Australian made.


It’s no surprise that where there’s electricity, there’s risk. But according to a Queensland Government Safety Performance and Health Report* the risk becomes reality for people working in the mining industry more frequently than you might think.


Alongside fire and vehicle incidents, electrical accidents are a top-five cause of events classified as serious enough to significantly impact people’s health or safety, accounting for 15 per cent of high-potential incidents in both surface and underground mines – and inadvertent contact with electrical equipment near water or in damp situations is often in the picture. As well as the risk of serious injury this poses, it also contributes to lost productivity and downtime related costs when workers are off the tools.


They’re facts and stats that make taking steps to prioritise the prevention of electrical incidents in the mining industry an essential move, and, with water identified as a contributing factor, an important component is investing in purpose-built connector protectors – like the X1.


Designed by Ampfibian, a northern NSW-based Australian company dedicated to creating industry-tough products that combine safety and convenience, the X1 is a weatherproof connector protector that features a retaining mechanism to keep power cords firmly together and patented seals to prevent electrocution in the wet. A high-quality extension lead join container that’s suitable for trade and commercial use, it’s IK09 impact resistant, IP55 hose and weatherproof and designed to fit standard and heavy-duty 10A and 15A extension leads up to 12mm in diameter.


But the X1 isn’t the only Ampfibian product that’s designed and manufactured to industrial standards. Speaking of extension leads, the Ampfibian Hellbender is a fully flexible, heavy-duty, highly wear resistant extension lead made from rubber, so it’s not only stronger, safer and longer lasting than generic extension leads, it’s also easier to use in cold and hot temperatures – up to 150°C. The Hellbender is available in three lengths: 10m, 15m and 20m.


And meet the brand’s Industrial Series of power adaptors. There are seven in total, each allowing for the safe and legal connection of 10A or 15A loads, such as mobile site offices and dwellings, as well as trade tools, to on-site power supplies. When every worker is armed with their own personal power adaptor, they have the power to be accountable for their own safety.


Australian made – and made to comply with Australian standards – Ampfibian’s Industrial Series range of power adaptors covers 10A to 50A, with single and three phase plug tops available. They have an H-Class rating (water and dust resistant to IP55 and IK08 impact rated), are UV stable and feature a fold-out hook for hanging. Every adaptor is also equipped with a Residual Current Device which, along with the circuit breaker, is visible beneath a clear lid for easy inspection, to protect against electrocution. Plus, they feature automatic cleats to prevent accidental disconnection and a lockout tag on the RCD lid.


Ampfibian’s Industrial Series power adaptors are sold in Blackwoods stores, nationally, or online at The X1 and Hellbender extension leads are available from hardware, outdoor and electrical retailers throughout Australia, or head to for more information or to shop online.


*Queensland Mines and Quarries: Safety Performance and Health Report – 1 July 2015-30 June 2016; Department of Natural Resources and Mines; Queensland Government


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