Change management at centre of light vehicle collision

June 22, 2020 Mining Editor

A light vehicle collision with a bund at a NSW mine has highlighted the importance of change management practices.

The NSW regulator reported that the light vehicle collided with a bund, resulting in the driver’s lip being injured and requiring five stitches.

The Regulator stated that “Over a weekend, a roadway under a conveyor was blocked with an earth bund. The bund was put in place on one side of the conveyor and bollards with high visibility tape were erected on the other side. The change management process was not followed and the changes were not communicated to staff. It was dark when the incident occurred.”


“It is vital that mines have a robust change management process in place that ensures not only the identification of introduced risk but the implementation of suitable controls to manage the risk. This includes communicating the changes to all workers who may be impacted by that change.” the NSW mine safety regulator added.

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