China coal mine administration caps production in mines prone to outburst

May 16, 2019 Mining Editor

China’s National Coal Mine Safety Administration has limited production of coal mines prone to outburst and bumps to 8 million tonnes per annum in a measure to control risk.

It has also moved to limit the expansion or significant structural changes to high outburst risk mines. The new policy will aim to improve safety in mines according to the Safety Administration.

The announcement comes following a China coal mine disaster which occurred in the eastern province of Shandong in October in where 21 people died.

In March, 2019 the Chinese State Council has announced plans to tighten safety checks at the country’s coal mines, following an explosion at a Yancheng chemical plant, which killed at least 78 people.

The accident took place when a fire started at the plant, which produces a number of variants of phenylenediamine, a compound typically used in dyes. It ultimately caused an explosion which triggered a magnitude 2.2 earthquake and injured 556 people, according to Channel News Asia.

While coal mining safety in China has been improving,  the industry is still plagued with tragic disasters. China coal mining annual death tolls have reportedly fallen to below 300 from more than 6000 per year.

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