Dangerous incident

November 7, 2017 Tara
Summary: While a loader was picking up oversize waste from a reject bin and loading it into a 5 tonne tipper, a 1.5 metre fibreglass roof bolt fell out of the bucket, passed through the mesh aperture protecting the truck rear window and lodged under the window sealing rubber. As the loader emptied its bucket and lifted the bucket up, the fibreglass bolt flexed and struck up, shattering the window.
The truck driver was observed on camera looking at the rear window as it shattered (in response to a hearing a tapping noise generated by the bolt).
Hazard1: Gravity.
Risk: Harm to people from falling elevated components.

Recommendations to industry:

  • Where fixed guards are used to prevent people from falling or moving objects:
  1. the maximum aperture size of the guard should be less than the object size
  2. the guard should have sufficient strength to withstand the load imposed by the falling or moving object.
  • Risk assessments should consider the potential for falling/flying objects.
  • Safety glass should be considered for all windows on vehicles.
  • Mines should check rear window guards on tip trucks for this risk.

Refer to:  AS 4024.1601 Safety of machinery – Design of controls interlocks and guarding – Guards – General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable guards.

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