Dangerous incident 

March 6, 2018 Tara

Summary: While inspecting a dewatering pump in a sump, a mine deputy removed a 2” air hose from the 6” pipe range manifold to which it was connected to identify the cause of a blockage. After opening the valve, the deputy felt for an air flow with the back of his left hand and felt only a small movement of air. There was a sudden release of a pressurised substance and as a result, the back of the deputy’s left hand was hit by coal particles and compressed air.
Recommendations to industry: Mine operators should review how workers and supervisors are trained in recognising the potential hazards associated with all energy sources.
This is especially important when there is the potential for an unexpected stored energy associated with blockages to be released without warning.
This is the third similar incident within a short period:
  1. Mud / slurry pump -blocked delivery.
  2. Air pump – blocked delivery.
  3. Airline – blocked outlet.

All workers involved were in the ‘line of fire’.

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Dangerous incident 
Dangerous incident 

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