Dangerous Incident: Arm jammed against wall

November 7, 2017 Tara

An operator was driving a light vehicle with the window down and his arm resting on the window sill. While passing another vehicle, his vehicle hit the gutter and in doing so the operator jammed his left arm between the mine wall and the vehicle door (left hand drive vehicle).

The operator then drove the vehicle to where he was given first aid. Initially it looked like the injuries were confined to lacerations and swelling.

The operator drove himself to hospital for X-rays where it was found that he had two fractures to his left arm.
Hazard1: Kinetic energy – Velocity vehicles.
Risk: Harm to people from being crushed.

Recommendations to industry:

  • Operators and passengers in vehicles should always keep body parts inside vehicles.
  • Vehicles should be operated with the windows up.
  • Supervisors should monitor compliance with mine rules for operating vehicles.
  • Mines should have ‘windows up’ policy on light vehicles.
  • Mines should have good systems to communicate a change in road conditions to vehicle operators.

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