Dangerous Incident – Electric Shock

March 29, 2018 Tara


An electrician opened a single phase three pin power outlet (waterproof outlet). The electrician undertook tests to ensure it was not live. The electrician took the power point apart leaving the wires exposed and then walked down stairs to get cable amour. A contract fitter walked past the exposed power point and yelled out in pain. A quarry manager was nearby and asked what had happened. The fitter said the power point gave an electric shock. The electrician returned and checked if power was on using a multimeter and it did not register any power. The electrician used a second multimeter that detected 240 volts. The tip of the first multimeter fell off on examination.
The power point label read SB-1 CB 6. This was compared to the lock-out in the switchroom that indicated the power point had been isolated. The electrician then turned off the circuit breakers one
by one and found SB-1 CB 9 to be the circuit supplying the power point label SB-1 CB 6. The fitter had two marks on their arm and was sent to the hospital for examination in relation to electric shock as per the mine’s protocol. The ECG did not show an electric shock


Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017 clauses 149 and 150 requires that the person conducting a
business or undertaking (PCBU) ensures that any unsafe electrical equipment is replaced or permanently removed and electrical equipment is to be regularly inspected and tested. Mines should ensure equipment used to confirm isolation is fit for purpose, tested and confirmed to be working before and after isolation take place. AS/NZS 3000 is a requirement of the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014 for the surface of a mine. The standard requires circuits to be labelled and identified. Mines should confirm that isolation points are correctly identified.

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