Dangerous Incident: Flame around exhaust

April 4, 2018 Tara


A drill rig was tramming up a ramp for a blast evacuation when a hydraulic hose ruptured. A trail of leaking oil was on the ground until the drill rig stopped due to a low oil level trip. The operator investigated the problem and saw a flame around the exhaust area. The exhaust and turbo had heat wrapping. The operator activated the fire suppression system manually and used a dry powder fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. A water cart was called but not used.

Recommendations to industry:

When a fire occurs, mine operators must conduct a thorough investigation by a competent person to determine the:

  • fuel source and heat sources
  • surface temperature value
  • cause of the fire
  • controls to prevent re-occurrence such as reducing engine component surface temperatures and segregating fuel sources from areas of high temperature, and fire safety inspections
  • training of workers to identify fire risks such as fuels or oil leaks or worn hoses
  • review of the fire risk assessment for the item of plant.

Mine operators should report the issue to the original equipment manufacturer.

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