Dangerous Incident: Flipper Impacted Head of Operator

March 29, 2018 Tara


While installing roof mesh on a longwall, during bolt up, an unintended activation of the flipper occurred on roof support 12 when an operator manually operated the same roof support that they were  standing on. The operator was believed to be attempting to fold out the flipper to
pin the mesh when the flipper made contact with the head of another operator standing at the front of roof support 12. The impact knocked the helmet from the operator’s head. The operator did not
lose consciousness or suffer any obvious physical injuries. The operator was taken to hospital for

Recommendations to Industry:

Mine operators should review how supervisors monitor and ensure controls, such as safe standing
zones, are adhered to. Mine operators should also review how the workforce, including contractors, are trained and assessed in the hazards and controls associated with the tasks they have to perform.

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