Dangerous incident: load hall dump

November 13, 2017 Tara
Summary: A load hall dump (LHD) vehicle, was preparing to dump a load of shot-fired roof material at a nominated surface dump. The LHD travelled up a ramp and turned into the dump site, placing the LHD across the grade of the ramp. Approaching the dump site, the operator began raising the bucket. He brought the LHD to a stop and continued raising the bucket to full height to allow him to tip the load. The operator felt the front off-side (down dip) of the machine subside then the machine tipped over/rolled until the bucket and boom of the machine stabilised on the muck-pile. The operator assessed his position and determined a safe exit from the cab. He climbed over the door and down the top of the machine on the low side then reported the incident.

Recommendations to industry:
  • Articulated loaders should not be tipping on a cross grade when the bucket is lifted and the machine is articulated.
  • Pads and areas where LHD-type vehicles are required to tip should be checked as being suitable by a supervisor.
  • LHD vehicles should be operated within the OEM specified limits, including tipping lines for stability.
  • Training packages should be reviewed for all machinery to ensure that it includes the limitations of the machine.
  • Seat constraints fitted must be worn.
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