Dangerous incident: Operator was sprayed with hydraulic oil

March 23, 2018 Tara

Summary: While operating a bolting rig on a continuous miner, an operator was sprayed with hydraulic oil. The oil came from the drill chuck area. Oil sprayed onto the operator’s face and mouth. He was wearing safety glasses at the time. The mine initiated the site oil injection protocol. The worker attended hospital for assessment. The oil release was attributed to a failed bolt providing the clamping force on a directional control valve O-ring seal. On this occasion, covers/guarding diffused the oil spray.

Recommendations to industry: Mine operators should ensure pre-start and maintenance checklists include that covers and guards are installed where they offer protection from failed hydraulic fittings, valves or hoses. Defective or missing covers and guards should be repaired, replaced or effectively managed when reported.

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