Dangerous incident:product conveyor

November 7, 2017 Tara
Summary: Repairs were being carried out on a product conveyor. A hot splice was completed earlier in the day with the belt technician finalising the splice using a 180 mm polisher with a tungsten carbide buffing disc. While operating the polisher, the belt technician made contact with the table supporting the conveyor in the area of splice. As the polisher wheel made contact with the table it has changed direction and hit the technician’s face, moving across his safety glasses and causing a laceration to his nose. The technician received five stitches to his nose and bruising to his forehead.

Hazard1: Kinetic energy – moving parts.
Risk: Harm to people from friction of abrasion.
Recommendations to industry:
  • Before using hand-held grinders and polishers, where possible consideration should be given to using alternative tools.
  • Workers who use hand-held grinders and polishers need to be trained in their correct use and in the potential risks.
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment should always be worn. Consideration should be given to full face masks.
  • Hazard identification should be routinely performed before starting work.
  • Mines should periodically check contractor’s tools and work practices
  • Adequate supervision should be provided for contractors.
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