Dangerous Incident Report

October 23, 2017 Tara

An IT (integrated tool) carrier was travelling down the bank of a tailings dam. The machine lost brakes at the top section and the operator continued to steer the machine with increasing speed. The operator jumped from the machine which continued out of control through a windrow and dropped a further 10 to 12 vertical metres where the it rolled over, coming to rest on its side.

Recommendations to industry:

Mine operators should:

  • provide fit-for-purpose windrows as a mitigated control when an operator has lost control of their mobile plant
  • ensure brake systems remain functional
  • ensure pre-start checks include brake functionality
  • ensure operators are trained in emergency procedures.

Refer  to:

SB17-01 Industry reports more truck rollover incidents.

SB10-03 Mobile plant – safety critical systems

SA06-12 Maintenance of Safety Critical Systems – Braking, Steering & Warning Systems 

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Dangerous Incident Report
Dangerous Incident Report

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Dangerous Incident Report
Dangerous Incident Report

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