Dangerous incident: truck rear body rolled

November 13, 2017 Tara

Summary: An articulated dump truck rear body rolled onto its side. The operator began tipping a load of rock and saw in his mirror that the second row right hand wheel was coming off the ground. The operator released the hoisting lever and the rear body of the truck rolled over.
The cross grade was measured at 1:5. The truck was involved in building an access road.

Recommendations to industry:
  • Tipping areas need to be level without cross grade.
  • Use level sensors to alert an operator or prohibit tipping on uneven ground.
  • Ensure that tyre pressures are correct and suspension systems are in good condition.
  • Tipping  areas  should be stable and capable  of  withstanding  the truck  wheel pressures  and  should  not  be prone to subsidence.

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Dangerous incident: truck rolled
Dangerous incident: truck rolled

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