Final investigation report into underground fatality

October 11, 2017 Tara

Incident date: 14 May 2017
Event: Fatality in underground metalliferous mine
Location: Perilya Broken Hill Limited, Southern Operations, Broken Hill NSW

A worker was found unconscious near a light vehicle in an underground section of the mine on 14 May 2017 at
3.30pm. The worker, aged 55, was in a storage drive about 788 m underground. The worker had been using
the light vehicle for general mine duties and assisting other workers. The drive was being used to store mining

Co-workers and mine-trained emergency response members administered first aid, including cardiopulmonary
resuscitation (CPR) and also applied a defibrillator to the worker. CPR was continued on the worker
during the evacuation to the surface.

The NSW Ambulance Service transported the worker to Broken Hill Base Hospital where further attempts to
resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

NSW Police responded to the incident and have prepared a report for the NSW Coroner.
The Resources Regulator also responded and undertook an investigation to determine whether the death was

Investigation findings

The NSW Resources Regulator investigation did not identify evidence that the worker’s death could be attributable to any work health and safety-related matters. The investigation found that the death of the worker was attributable to natural causes arising from non-work, health-related issues.

Investigation outcome
The Resources Regulator has reviewed the findings of the investigation and determined that the death was not
work-related. The Resources Regulator’s investigation has concluded.
The NSW Coroner has examined the death and has dispensed with the holding of an inquest.



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