From the NSW Resource Regulator: Improving our approach to processing authorisations under the work health and safety legislation.

April 9, 2018 Tara


We want to provide services fairly with a focus on consumer needs – one of the core values of the NSW Resources Regulator is ‘service’. Together with our core values, we have made it a priority in the period 2017-2020 to focus on how we can improve our business, to ensure we have the right systems and tools to regulate effectively.

An internal review of the approaches we use to manage authorisations was recently completed, looking at how our practices align to what the legislation requires and the most efficient way for us to provide these services to industry. The review was particularly focused on the highest volume of authorisation services provided by the Regulator – registration and licensing services under the work health and safety legislation. These authorisations are part of a very comprehensive framework for managing risks to health and safety in NSW.

We are making a firm commitment to improving our approach to processing authorisations, and in 2018 we will be implementing a range of changes to our internal processes for registrations and licensing. The changes we are making will:

  • enable us to process applications for registrations or licences in a more timely manner
  • streamline the application process through a new online application system
  • create a more efficient and cost-effective model for reviewing applications.

It is the firm view of the regulator that the services we provide should be delivered fairly. The registration and licensing scheme under the work health and safety legislative regime in NSW operates across a wide range of industries. The regime requires applicants to pay fees for the registration or licensing service. The fee model is an equitable model, which apportions the cost of delivering the service to those who use them.

A transition period will precede the introduction of the fees for registrations and licences processed by the NSW Resources Regulator. Fees will be applied to all new registration and licence applications received from 1 July 2018.

An industry information session on the changes will be held in Sydney on May 30. Further details will be communicated in coming weeks.

Further information

For more information regarding the changes, please contact the NSW Resources Regulator:
Phone: 1300 814 609

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