Game-Changer Safety Mechanism Attracts Rio Tinto & Other Mining Players

September 6, 2017 Tara

STOP-IT Wireless E-Stop System


Saving Lives, injury and assets, one at a time is the mission of Thompson Safety.

Minimising risk and maximising safety control measures in all workplaces and work sites has just entered a new era thanks to one man’s vision and personal experience.

Workplace death, injury and sickness is a $69 Billion weight on the Australian economy and most of this cost is worn by the families of the deceased or injured.

Thompson Safety Corporation founder and STOP-IT innovator, Mike Thompson, has made it his mission to find a solution to this problem by evolving the widely specified mechanical E-Stop into the world leading life saving device that can shut down any fixed or mobile plant from 70 meters up to 5km away in emergency circumstances. This safety innovation undoubtedly will save live and prevent serious injury across all industries where mechanical E-Stops are fitted and required.

All industries cannot afford to know this product exists and not at least explore it’s potential. Exploring this option is cheap against the cost and heartache of lost time injuries or deaths.

Mike Thompson’s own experiences on various mine sites around Australia as a heavy vehicle operator triggered this Mechanical Engineer’s safety intuition, to come up with a solution that can shut down equipment without entering safety exclusion zones and putting people’s lives at risk.

Workplace and public safety has just reach a new level that Thompson Safety is extremely passionate about and proud of. This extraordinary device helps employers and safety advisors uphold their “duty of care” to ensure their workforce carry out their daily duties and return home to their families every day.

The STOP-IT wireless E-Stop system complies with ANS4024, 2016, is non-intrusive, easy to install and does not modify the existing mechanical E-Stop. It merely “value adds” by making the existing E-Stop wireless while maintaining the mechanical function. This terrific safety innovation has immediate impact to site safety controls as it allows immediate safety response in emergency situations, which undoubtedly will save a life or severe injury at some stage. Safety is guaranteed by the push of a button and without entering the ‘Safety Exclusion Zone’!

There are two models of Wireless Emergency stop systems supplied by Thompson Safety, with multiple variations to each model to suit different applications and requirements for fixed and mobile plant. There’s a 433MHz system for close proximity activation of up to 100m, however the use of repeaters can extend this distance to 500m. The 151MHz systems that ranges from 10.0 to 28.0 Volts AC, 11.0 to 36.0 Volts DC and 240 Volt AC have a range of up to 5km for specific applications without requiring direct line of sight.

Rio Tinto and Local Council Implements System

So impressed was Rio Tinto in WA and Logan City Council in South East Qld they took on a Safety Leadership role by being the first to implement the Stop It Wireless Emergency Stop on their earthmoving equipment.

Protecting their employees and the public is the Logan City Council’s highest priority and Stop It has made public works a safer exercise.

If you have mobile and fixed plant with or without mechanical E-Stops, you can engage Thompson Safety for a no obligation assessment of your workplace and/or fleet by simply logging your details to access their free report on our website and they will reply within 24hrs to discuss your requirements with the view to setting up a presentation and assessment.

The challenge is to have the progressive mindset on how we can implement this safety innovation into our business against the norm of trying to find excuses why it can’t work. It’s simply a common sense “peace of mind” investment that every mine or construction site should make. Afetr all what’s the value on a human life?

Thompson Safety simply adds value to your mission of Zero Harm, the company is here to save lives, reduce injury and protect assets………one at a time!





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