Inexperienced operator rolls Moxy at 50km/h

May 15, 2020 Mining Editor

The NSW mine Safety Regulator has reported an incident this week which saw an operator with one week’s experience roll a Moxy (Volvo A40D) on a sealed decline at 50 km/h.

The Regulator said “A loaded, articulated haul truck was travelling down the main entry road of a quarry. The road was on a decline and was sealed. The driver tried to slow the truck using the retard brake, but the truck didn’t slow sufficiently. The driver used the foot brake, but the wheels on the truck locked up, causing the truck to slide sideways and overturn. The driver was inexperienced, having only operated the truck for one week before the incident. The truck was travelling about 50km/h. The driver was not injured.”

The Regulator stressed to the industry that Mobile plant characteristics, including stopping distances, manoeuvrability and operating speeds for both the loaded and unloaded vehicle must be considered when developing control measures to manage the risks to operating vehicles. Mines should consider the use of speed limiting devices and the operating range of retarder systems. 

The risk of articulated trucks overturning has been highlighted to the industry by the Regulator through the following publications:

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