Local Businesses’ to Benefit with New Spray Technology Center

June 5, 2019 Mining Editor

A new specialist spray technology centre will provide a range of benefits for Australian businesses seeking to understand and use spraying systems, spray nozzles and automated spray systems. Spraying Systems Co has opened a new centre.

Spraying Systems Co said recently that it had opened the centre to help keep up with increased demand and in order to provide our customers with the best service possible. The new Spraying Systems Facility will be opened in Perth.

The Spray Technology Center, located at Unit 5, 1 Watt Link, Forrestdale will help customers to understand and evaluate the products and technology on-site.

“This is an exciting time for our Australian operations, and we are looking forward to providing even more services going forward” Spraying Systems Co said.

“The main difference between our head office and our regional Spray Technology Center in Perth is that it is a specialized area set up in order to show off our capabilities. No matter if you want to see a VeeJet in action, or want to learn more about an AutoJet controller, we can show you how they work and talk you through how they can help your company”

Spray Technology Centres

These centres were born from the reality that sometimes carrying out demonstrations in a customer’s facility is impossible but necessary in order to show off the advanced technology Spraying Systems Co. can provide. Our Spraying Systems Sales Engineers are experts and can provide help in a variety of industries including in meat processing, bakery, mining and more.

We also provide educational seminars in our new facility in order for you to learn more about our company, what our facility can provide as well as any new products or services that may be available to you. Whether it’s in a group or a more informal lunch and learn session, we aim to educate our customers as much as possible in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for them. To find out more about our new facility click here.

The Centre runs demonstrations by appointment and  RSVP’s can be made by emailing matthew@spray.com.au or jim@spray.com.au or calling 0427 058 993.

Who are Spraying Systems Co?

Spraying Systems Co customers have relied on us as their preferred single-source supplier for spray related products. These products include nozzles, automated systems, spray headers, etc. Spraying Systems Co has become the largest manufacturer and supplier of spray nozzles in the world for the past 80 years.

The company have 12 manufacturing centres located across the globe supplying around 100,000 different products of spray nozzles and spray equipment, servicing almost every imaginable industry. Spraying Systems Co’s global reach, 80 years of experience and expertise has earned a reputation that is second to none.

The company have built strong business relationships, providing products and services that bring efficiency and improved production which allows our customers to gain a superior competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Spraying Systems Co offers expert advice, best quality spray hardware and complete automated turnkey systems designed and engineered to suit almost all industry needs.

If it’s Washing, Coating, Cooling, Gas Scrubbing, Humidifying Dust Control or Drying – we have the answer. Our sales engineers can assist you to improve your production, save money and resources and effectively improve your efficiency.

Our Sales Engineers are strategically located servicing all states of Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea.

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