MINCO: Specialising in Mining, Industrial and Commercial Photography, Drone and Time Lapse

July 7, 2020 Sponsored

Minco provides clients with creative, high quality, innovative imagery using a range of techniques including photography, drone, timelapse and video services.  We place a strong focus on meeting our client’s needs promptly, efficiently and professionally.


We are experienced in Surface and Underground Mining Photography, our staff are familiar with Inductions and Safety Procedures and have all required mine compliant safety wear and full public liability insurance.
Minco provides services on site, in the field, workshop or office.



Capturing the best of your business, we can help you create a professional image. We  are experienced in working with corporate & field staff and talent, we can help you create an image library for your social media, publications, reports and public relations including
portraiture, work scenarios, customer service, product photography, infrastructure, equipment, events and more ….

Capture the attention of potential buyers with professional real estate imagery, we can supply real estate photos, drone videos and aerial photos for Commercial and Residential properties.


Aerial drone can be used to capture stills photos or 4K video, footage can be used to create engaging and informative videos with the addition of music, text, stills photos and logo reveals.

Our professional time lapse cameras can be used in workshops or remote locations to document projects long and short term, with 3G capabilities clients can view projects and download images anywhere, anytime throughout the project.

Final time lapse videos can include a combination of long term time lapse footage; mini up close time lapse footage; drone video and stills photos with music, text and logo reveal to create a final comprehensive and engaging video.


If you would like to discuss your photography needs, please contact us on 0408 181 616 or email enquiries@mincophoto.com


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