Mines Rescue Competition at New Acland Mine

October 15, 2017 Tara

New Acland Mine is hosting the 2017 Southern Region Rescue Challenge

When: Thursday the 19th of October 2017.
Where: New Acland Mine
Why: The Challenge is being contested by 7 teams from mines and Power Stations across the region with exercises designed to simulate incidents that could and have happened at mining operations.

The exercise is to ensure that teams are using skills that most operations train their Emergency Rescue Team member’s in.

Exercises being contested on the day include;

? Road Crash Rescue: heavy and light vehicle interaction, requiring the use of stabilisation, hydraulic tools to extricate patients as well as treating and packaging patients.

? Vertical Rescue: rescue of persons in a confined space requiring extrication using rope rescue means as well as medical treatment and packaging.

? Firefighting: fighting fires using a means applicable to the fire material as well as treating patients.

? Land Search and Rescue: locating missing mine workers in a systematic manner and dealing with patients exposed to the elements.

? Individual Practical: each team member will be tested on a piece of rescue equipment applicable to the skills used in the challenge. The practical will vary from testing and using the equipment to displaying a skill in practical application.

? Multi Casualty: triage, treatment and transport of a number of people involved in major incident.

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