Pybar mining confirms ‘worst fears’ for trapped miner

January 24, 2020 Mining Editor

Pybar mining has confirmed the worst fears held by the mining industry acknowledging that the trapped miner has passed away. Efforts will now focus on recovery operations at the Henty mine.

In a statement released today, the company said that “following a site visit yesterday afternoon by the Tasmanian State Coroner and Tasmanian Police, it is with sadness that we acknowledge that the most likely outcome of our missing work colleague is that he is deceased”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the worker, and the entire community that are affected by this devastating news. PYBAR are working with the local authorities and government agencies to provide full continuing support for anyone that is affected by this incident.”

PYBAR Mining confirmed that they are now putting all their efforts into the recovery operation. The company conducted planning overnight on multiple options of recovery of the miner.


Work has commenced making the area safe and secure so these recovery options can commence.

The company has engaged experts to assist with the recovery operation of the trapped miner. Pybar said that they are being flown to site from Newcastle and Orange today to review multiple recovery options.

Pybar Mining CEO Brendan Rouse said “We are squarely focused on progressing multiple options at present for the safe recovery of our workmate.

“All options are being considered, and these include accessing the site from different areas of the mine. We will most likely progress multiple options in parallel to give us the best chance of a successful recovery.”

Pybar has continued to provide full support and updates of progress to the worker’s family and colleagues at Henty Gold Mine.

Operations at the Henty Gold Mine remain suspended.

Image: Pybar Mining Services (Supplied)

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