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May 18, 2018 Tara

Gehl has a manufacturing history dating back to the 1850s and began building skid steer loaders in the early 1970s when this type of construction machinery was in it’s infancy. Today Gehl produce a wide range of skid steer, track and articulated loaders in their US production facilities and sold across the world. Gehl has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Manitou BF since 2008 and their products are distributed through LiftRite Hire & Sales in Western Australia. Gehl have been at the forefront of safety initiatives for many years, many of which are applicable to the Mining Industry, today we explore the standard and optional equipment on the Gehl RT250 Generation 3 Track Loader and how they can contribute to improved safety outcomes on site.

Make: Gehl
Model: RT250 Generation 3
Type: Radial Lift Track Loader
Capacity: 1134 Kg @ 35% Tipping Load with optional counterweight
Height to Hinge pin: 4267 mm fully raised
Drive: 2 Speed

Safety Features

FOPS Level 2 and ROPS

Everyone has heard of FOPS / ROPS and the Gehl RT250 G3 meets Falling Object Protection Level 2 plus Roll Over Protection requirements designed to protect the occupant in the event of accident but what is the difference between FOPs and FOPS 2?

FOPS is designed to provide protection for small falling objects that might typically occur on a site. For example a hand tool. The ISO3449 requirement for it to protect the occupant from a 20 Kg object falling from 7 metres and 70 Kg from 2 metres equating to 1365 Joules of energy.

FOPS 2 is required to protect the occupant from large falling objects. Under ISO requirements this protection level is 200 Kg falling from 6 metres or 394 Kg falling from 3 metres or 11600 Joules of energy.

ROPS requires the cabin structure to protect the occupant in the event of a roll over.

Safety Interlock

The RT250 is equipped standard with Gehl’s Hydraloc system which engages the Hydraulic park brake when the control bars are lifted in the cabin. This provides protection from the machine rolling if the operator leaves the seat. Additionally when the bars are lifted the system shuts out the hydraulics ensuring the boom will not raise or lower with the operator out of the seat.

Speed Control

This machine is has 2 speed transmission as standard however typically these types of machines ground speed is governed by engine speed – at times high engine speed is required for hydraulic performance but this would mean high ground speed. Gehl’s optional speed control system offers the ability to adjust the speed independently of engine speed allowing the operator to match the ground speed with the task being performed.

Manual Handling

Track adjustment is a basic and frequent maintenance requirement of track equipped machinery. Some brands have very poor systems which are difficult to adjust and keep track tension correct. Tracks may fall off the rollers and sprockets due to incorrect adjustment plus will significantly contribute to track wear and reduce the lift of undercarriage components. Gehl’s Ideal Trax system automatically controls track adjustment ensuring no manual handling and maximising undercarriage component life.

Gehl machinery may be ordered with a wide range of attachments from buckets and pallet forks to augers and jibs all designed to reduce manual handling and get the most from your equipment.

Operator Comfort

Spending the day in a machine cabin is taxing work. Gehl has designed their machinery with the operator in mind. Features include:

· Sealed & pressurised heated & air conditioned cabin
· More cabin space than many comparable models
· Easy to read instruments
· Excellent vision from the controls
· Fully adjustable manual suspension seat or optional air seat
· Standard ISO drive pattern controls and optional selectable dual hand controls
· Improved step access into cabin


The Gehl All-Tach hitch provides Universal style attachment releasing with a single lever release. Alternatively the optional Power-A-Tach hydraulic hitch system allows the operator to change attachments electronically reducing manual handling, pinch points and enhancing productivity. Both hitch systems will accept attachments manufactured to the universal hitch system which allows interchange between equipment types.


Access to maintenance parts on these types of machines can be challenging due to their compact construction. Gehl provide as many components as possible within easy reach with swing away and lift up engine covers. The cabin structure is also designed to tilt improving access to drive components. Track idlers are rollers are sealed to reduce maintenance and exposure to maintenance hazards.

For more information on Construction Equipment Safety or Gehl machinery, talk to LiftRite Hire & Sales on 08 9246 6200 or

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