Serious injury report

February 6, 2018 Tara

Summary: A 25-tonne crane was parked four metres from a materials chute above a material feeder onto a conveyor belt. A worker was in the chute, about to carry out a welding job. The crane did not have the park brake applied and rolled towards the opening. The chute lip prevented the crane from entering the chute. The crane driver had left for a shift change and had not put wheel chocks in place as per site procedure.
Recommendations to industry: Lessons that should be communicated through toolbox talks including:
  • compliance with correct parking procedures
  • being situationally aware of hazards.

Mine operators should consider:

  • audible warning systems and/or visual alarms that warn of the lack of park brake application
  • interlocking that automatically applies the park brake when the operator leaves the operator’s position (i.e. door interlock).
  • Functional testing of park brake application warning systems.
  • the recommendations in safety bulletin SB13-02 Unplanned movements of vehicles – too many near misses.

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