The Evolving Landscape: Vehicle Modifications

June 6, 2018 Tara

In just over 10 years the vehicle modification industry has undergone quite a transformation. Driven initially buy legislative reform and corporate policy requirement for additional safety products such as Suspension Upgrades, Roll Over Protection Systems and Bull Bars, the landscape has certainly changed. With the introduction of 5 Star ANCAP rated utility vehicles in 2012, the focus is much more on ensuring the vehicle is fit for purpose and equipped to handle the day to day functional requirements of what it needs to deliver.  Light Vehicle Fleet operators are moving into an era where the base vehicle offers a range of inherent safety features and finding not only the right service body but the right vehicle modifier is critical to ensuring they get the best return on investment.

Considering standard OEM inclusions such as Anti-Locking Brakes (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control, Accident Avoidance Systems(AAS),  Reverse Camera and Sensors and Tuned Suspension, the decision regarding the rest of the vehicle becomes paramount. Ensuring the body meets the working requirements and supports work activities in the field can be a difficult task. Further consideration is needed for Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM), towing capacity, passenger and load carrying capability. Enhancing the employee’s ability to carry out work can save not only time but money. Having equipment on board that delivers fast and economical installation, repairs or servicing should be a driving factor when making commercial decisions for fleet procurement.

New engineering concepts are offering stronger and more durable designs whilst ensuring weight is kept to a minimum to deliver maximum payload on vehicle modifications. Safety feature inclusions to standard bodies such as Engineered Rollbar Headboards on Minecorp’s Commercial Tray offer protection in the event of a rollover without compromising on payload or load carry capacity. Service bodies offer lockable storage space, electronic battery management systems for on the ground power and Service Boxes that integrate shelves, drawers and fold down workbenches.

For operators heading into remote areas, operational fridges and generators are all provided to ensure employee safety is front of mind. Communications and recovery equipment are fully integrated to work in conjunction with the vehicle’s OEM systems.

Getting this right requires an engineered solution, with technical support to ensure product selection and integration is front of mind. Gone are the days where fleet vehicles in harsh environments are fitted with every possible modification, just because “that’s what we need”.

A more thorough approach is being undertaken with many mining companies stripping away the “Gold Plating” on vehicle modifications and moving towards a specification model that leverages the 5 Star ANCAP base vehicle offering and then building a vehicle that is fit purpose. To support this Minecorp offers a client focussed approach that considers the specific environment, the task and the operational outcome expected by the business to ensure the vehicle modifications will deliver value and the highest possible return on investment. To ensure consistency across a large fleet, repeatability is one of the pillars of success. The in-house R&D team combined with a large manufacturing, global distribution warehouse, vehicle modification and after sales support team provides a wealth of expertise to ensure the client is delivered the best possible vehicle for the task at hand, time and time again.

From hire fleets to underground modification, remote service bodies through to OEM manufacturing programs and defence requirements, Minecorp has the ability to take a concept through to production whilst ensuring products meet all compliance requirements. Working directly with OEMs means that vehicle modifications are integrated throughout, with complimentary products built to meet commercial fleet requirements. Understanding the requirements in a whole of life sense is part of what Minecorp strives to achieve.

There is no doubt that in 2018, light commercial vehicles offer inherently safer inclusions so why not leverage these by utilising a quality vehicle modifier to ensure a long term commercially viable outcome for your business? Known for the continued focus on meeting compliance standards for both client’s specifications, Minecorp Australia ensures all fleets offers safe, reliable and value driven solutions getting you on site faster.

Visit and call 1300 922881 to find out how we can make a difference to your fleet modification program.

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