The intrepid adventures of Mr Peabody and the gang

October 12, 2018 JOHN NINNESS

Friday Night Again In the Land Down Under….so we’re up for a Mr Peabody and the Gang – bed time story.
Oh Mr Peabody, it has been a pressure week for you and the gang. It certainly must be hard to sleep at night with the weight of a mine fire on your shoulders.
One can only wonder how can you sleep while our mine is burning Mr Peabody?  We truly think the time has come to say fairs fair…thank God you’ve got a good doctor to comfort you through this difficult time Mr Peabody. No doubt he’ll relieve just a little bit of your pain as you sleep each night.
Tossing and turning, turning and tossing in your bed every night must be soooo uncomfortable. Of course it helps that under your fine feathered bed you just happened to stash away a wee bit of loot…didn’t you. Now come on Mr Peabody, think long and hard about it…your come to Jesus moment is here.
It is such a shame that some of the gang were able to offload some stock at a good price just before you evacuated the mine Mr Peabody. Very co-incidental indeed. Well at least two them picked up a little bit of loot to burn in your fire to keep your warm this winter.
Well we heard it wasn’t just a little, was it Mr Peabody? It well may have been a fair swag for those horrible peasants that work at the face. But for the gang it was a modest sum. On the 29th August one of the gang in the colony cashed up a bag of $506,392 USD and just before that on the 27th August another cashed in $1.473M USD. Lucky they only sold their stock just before the fire Mr Peabody, otherwise they’d be much worse off today…wouldn’t they.
Well as all one can say is that you, Mr Peabody, have some of the best luck on the planet. Imagine having the inclination to sell off around 18% of your shares, just before the mine was evacuated. Fortune just happened to smile upon you this time Mr Peabody. Are you sure that didn’t have just a wee inkling that the mine was about to burn?
Enough of that…we won’t pursue that line of thought any further….it’s not constructive to putting that fire out.
What we will pursue though is that our mine is not in a good way, and the reality of sealing a 3rd longwall in our mine is right in front of us unless we have some miraculous change in circumstance in the coming days.  Mr Peabody, we are trying our best down at the coal face. We are trying to keep everyone in good spirits and the boys are showing that Mr Peabody but, we’re not sure those spirits are going to last forever.
We are so glad that sampling of underground gases has shown levels on general downward trends in the past two weeks….with the exception of when the GAG unit was undergoing maintenance. Does that mean Mr Peabody that the GAG must run forever to keep those wretched levels low? Surely Mr Peabody we have a conundrum here.
It’s fantastic news Mr Peabody that “The one open shaft continues to emit little or no water vapor or white smoke…. a positive sign Mr Peabody…you’ve got this one beat.
It’s also fantastic news Mr Peabdoy that you are continuing the initial sealing of the completed longwall panel and that you intend to permanently seal the area where high methane levels have been concentrated.
Uh..humm (Clears throat) Does that mean that you plan to abandon the north side of the mine and the remaining longwall equipment? Doesn’t matter really though…those chocks just belong to those little people across the South China Sea. You’ve never liked them anyway Mr Peabody…Good riddance for you we say.
But one burning question remains in our minds Mr Peabody. If you’re moving on to install that brand spanking new Longwall in the south part of the mine….won’t it take a bloody long time.
Excuse me Mr Peabody, my canary in the coal mine is singing now and I must go but, but…hang on a minute…just one more minute…my canary just whistled me a tune that the development efforts on the south side of the mine have been very difficult for a long time Mr Peabody.
Oh….thank you canary! Definitely a cuttlefish or two for that valuable information.
Well if one thing is certain, you do have it all under control Mr Peabody. We’re so pleased for you and the gang.
Having the support of an inquiry by the good Dr will do you no harm and we’re sure he will support you for keeping the mineworkers safe as opposed to blowing them up. Great work Mr Peabody!
Of course it may get a little sticky for you…but you and the gang will be sleeping all together in your fluffy feathered bed and enjoying a bottle or two of the Rose Gold Methuselah. It will definitely help you sleep better.
Until next time Mr Peabody, goodnight and sweet dreams.
NOTE TO READERS We stress to our audience that Mr Peabody and the gang are fictional characters and this story is not based on any real life scenarios.
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