Treat minor burns by getting the facts straight

June 8, 2017 Tara

National Burns Awareness Month– 1-30 June 2017

Brenniston continues on its quest to make Australia safer throughout National Burns Awareness Month, by equipping Australians with First Aid supplies and sharing the newest research as detailed by Quay Communications on behalf of The Julian Burton Burns Trust1 .

The information around how to treat a burn is often misrepresented, leading to a staggering two out of three Australians believing minor burns are best treated with ‘home remedies’ and over 1 million Australians believing that both butter and toothpaste can help minor burns.

With 88% of minor burns occurring in the home and 58% of those caused by hot surfaces, it is time to remind Australians how to correctly and successfully treat their wounds by using the Remove, Cool and Cover method as discussed by George Tambassis, pharmacist and National President of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia:

REMOVE yourself from danger, and also remove any clothing or jewellery around the burn.

COOL the burn by placing it under cold running water for at least 20 minutes.

COVER the burn with hydrogel, such as Burnaid gel, and then cover with a clean non-adherent dressing. If the burn is larger than a 20-cent piece or blisters are present, seek medical attention.


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