Triple electric powered truck unveiled

June 16, 2022 Richard Szabo

A multinational company claims its new heavy vehicle offers more power and range than its rivals.

Scania recently revealed its next generation battery-electric truck can carry 40 tonnes and travel up to 320km before requiring a recharge.

The 410 kilowatt (kW) rigid truck runs on a triple electric machine powertrain and 624 kW per hour batteries, which take less than 90 minutes to recharge at 375 kW.

The manufacturer claims the vehicle can carry up to 64 tonnes gross trailer weight for a maximum range of 230km. It also boasts “ample” electromechanical power takeoff, offering smoother and more reliable hook lifts – and other temperature-controlled transports or power hungry tasks.

The battery is assembled in-house and fitted inside the cabin, behind the left-hand door. A purpose built heating and cooling system keeps the powertrain and battery components at optimal temperatures, maximising output and range. External wind deflectors are also fitted to minimise air resistance.

“We are now increasing our range in every dimension by offering new opportunities for a vast selection of customers and the whole transport ecosystem. These trucks are part of solutions that contain all the capabilities that … industry longing for electrification is asking for,” Scania CEO Christian Levin said in a public statement.

“The only thing that stands between us and a major transition to a fossil-free transport system based on electrified solutions, is a complete charging infrastructure but we are seeing great progress there too.”

Production is expected to start sometime in the last quarter of 2023.

Click here to read the full specifications.

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