Truck cabin falls onto mine worker

June 13, 2022 Richard Szabo

A sudden movement caused part of a heavy vehicle to come crashing down onto an underground employee.

During routine maintenance a fitter accidentally bumped a stay that was holding up a truck cabin. The cab was suddenly released from its forward-tilting position and swung down onto the worker at CBH Resources’ Rasp underground mine, 3km south of downtown Broken Hill.

Fortunately, a nearby coworker witnessed the incident and quickly ran over to assist the trapped fitter.

“Another worker helped free the fitter from under the cab [and] the fitter was not injured,” the New South Wales Resources Regulator said in a safety summary.

The regulator urged every employer to make sure heavy vehicles are securely propped open to prevent serious injuries.

“When working under a tilted cab or tray, the support stay must be secured to protect workers from being trapped, pinned or crushed,” it said.

“Stays require a two-step action to ensure they are adequately protected from inadvertent release.”

Click here to download the full summary.

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