Truck loses control

October 1, 2017 Tara

A fully loaded dump truck lost control on a haul road with the truck’s front wheels going through a windrow. The windrow stopped the truck from going over a 10m drop-off to a small berm and a further 30m to the pit floor. The truck operator said he lost control while avoiding a kangaroo. The incident occurred at night with roadway conditions reported as good.
Recommendations to industry: Mines should ensure windrows are installed and are of sufficient height to arrest mobile plant if it becomes uncontrollable.
Factors that may affect operator vision and/or ability to control a vehicle include:

  • fog, sunlight, storms or dust
  • fatigue
  • slippery road conditions
  • obstructions that affect lines of sight.
  • wildlife.

Mine operators should consider these matters in their principal hazard management plans for roads and other vehicle operating areas, along with fit-for purpose barriers such as bunding and windrows to prevent vehicles going over embankments. Vehicle operators should be reminded to travel at speeds suitable for conditions.

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