Work plays vital role in injury rehab and getting back on the job 

October 8, 2017 Tara


When it comes to getting back to meaningful work after an injury, the best results are achieved when employers encourage and support injured staff to recover at work.

That was the message delivered at the launch of the Getting back advertising campaign.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said that long periods off work can significantly reduce the likelihood of an injured worker ever getting back on the job.

“These long periods off work can also have a negative effect on the worker and their family.

“That’s why my department and WorkCover Queensland have joined forces to run the Getting back campaign for a second time, following its success a couple of years ago.

“When things go wrong, looking after injured Queenslanders, and ensuring their rehabilitation and safe return to work, are priorities for this Government.”

After the adverts ran in 2015, independent market research showed the campaign raised awareness among workers, employers and medical professionals that work itself plays a vital role in the injury rehabilitation process.

Statistics showed the frequency of injured worker contact with their employer increased 12% and there was a 7% increase across the board in the belief that the best course of action is getting back on the job early.

“However, there’s been a dip in the number of injured workers returning to work from 96½ percent to just over 92 and an increase in the number of days taken off work from 47.2 to 48.2 days.

“Although we have a very healthy workers’ compensation scheme, with our employers paying the lowest average premiums in the country at just $1.20 per $100 of wages, we can’t afford to rest on our laurels” Ms Grace said.

“We know that if a person is off work for just 11 days, the chance of ever getting back starts significantly dropping. And the longer the absence stretches, the worse it gets.

“So it’s clear that it’s time to run this advertising campaign again to get our return to work rates in Queensland back to where they were a couple of years ago”

Backed by WorkCover Queensland, the $1.8m campaign includes TV, print, radio and social media advertising.

“We want to get the message out far and wide – reminding workers, employers and medical professionals that there’s nothing like getting back for getting better,” Minister Grace said.

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