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Low-pressure ultrasonic nozzles use very little water due to the micro-fi ne sub-10 micron droplets produced, which by agglomeration scrub dust out of the air and drop it back into the process. The converging-diverging venturi design includes a relatively large water oriface compared to forced high-pressure systems, meaning fewer blockages, self-cleaning nozzles and very little moisture added to the process. DRY FOG ™ & DUSTAMER ™ WINDFENCE DUST MITIGATION TECHNOLOGY DustTamer™ Windfence For Stockpiles: DSI also manufacture DustTamer™ Windfence, a well proven permanent specialist fabric barrier method to reduce wind velocities around stockpiles, preventing particle take-up that can carry large distances and create signifi cant environmental issues within the perimeter and beyond. DustTamer™ is a strong but fl exible system that lasts for years without requiring cleaning or maintenance, and is strong enough to be sited in cyclonic regions. It can also be used around hoppers, train loaders, wharf hoppers and other exposed areas to mitigate wind effect on materials, and in conjunction with Dry Fog™ will provide a complete solution to eradicate dangerous PM10 emissions from any part of your process. Dry Fog™ is a dust mitigation technology that is used in a large number of mines and power generation plants, including for some of the largest miners in the world. It is an effective US technology that has been endorsed by the US EPA as a best-demonstrated technology for lignite and coal dust, and uses very little water to produce class-leading PM10 and PM2.5 reduction for the mining and material handling processes, both underground and surface. Dust Solutions Inc. Dry Fog™ utilises four nozzle types that allow a tailor-made effective solution for many applications, such as truck dumps, crushing and screening, conveyor transfers, train and ship loaders and unloaders, stackers and reclaimers. MARC Technologies, a wholly owned division of ALS, is the exclusive distributor of Dry Fog™ and DustTamer™ dust solu� ons. Visit for more info, contact us to discuss how we can help to eradicate dust problems throughout your process. +61 8 9232 0430 109 Bannister Road Canning Vale, Western Australia 6155 MARC Technologies EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR STOCKPILE MEDIUM PRESSURE MEDIUM PRESSURE EFFECT OF WIND WITH DSI FENCE WIND

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