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Infection Prevention your passion our mission 3M Sterilisation Monitoring Products 3M Product STANDARD APPLICATION Practical Application Attest™ Biological Indicator 1261, 1262, 1291, 1292 Biological indicators provide means to assess directly the microbial lethality of a sterilization process. When used in conjunction with physical and/or chemical process monitors, biological indicators can provide an indication of the effectiveness of a given sterilization process." *1 Biological Indicators are used to optimally monitor the sterilisation cycle to ensure the sterilisation conditions have been met in order to create the desired lethality. Used as part of a regular load monitoring program, is it a critical component of a bigger Infection Prevention program which improves the quality of sterilisation and ensures that products meet customer expectations. This means that every load can be monitored and quarantined until results are available. This means no recalls, no reports of use of non-sterile devices and no department credibility issues. Comply™ Chemical Indicator Tape 1322 & 1355 "Process indicators are intended for use with individual units (e.g. packs and containers), to indicate that the unit has been directly exposed to the sterilisation process and to distinguish between processed and unprocessed units. They shall be designed to react to one or more of the critical process variables."*3 Indicator tapes, indicator labels, and load cards are examples of externally visible chemical indicators that are Process Indicators used for exposure control. Attest™ Bowie Dick Test Packs 1233, 1300, 1301 "Class 2 indicators are intended for use in specific test procedures as defined in relevant steriliser/sterilisation standards."*3 Bowie-Dick type tests are specific tests used for equipment control to evaluate the steriliser performance. SteriGage™ Steam Integrators 1243 "Integrating indicators shall be designed to react to all critical variables. The SVs are generated to be equivalent to, or exceed the performance requirements given in the ISO 11138 series for BIs.*3 Integrating Indicators are the most accurate of the internal chemical indicators. Integrating indicators are used for pack control monitoring. They can also be used as an additional monitoring tool to release loads that do not contain implants. For this additional monitoring the Class 5 integrating indicator must be used in the appropriate challenge test pack or Process Challenge Device (PCD). These indicators must now have SVs at 121°C/250°F, 135°C/276°F, and at least one more temperature in between. Also, the SV at 121°C MUST be greater than 16.5 minutes to ensure performance is comparable to BIs in saturated steam. *Reference 1. ANSI/AAMI/ISO 14161:2009 Sterilization of health care products — Biological indicators — Guidance for the selection, use and interpretation of results 2. Rutala, W; Weber, D; and the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC). Guidelines for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities, 2008. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 3. ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1: 2005 Sterilization of health care products— Chemical indicators— Part 1: General requirements AAMI Single 3M Health Care 3M Australia Pty Limited ABN 90 000 100 096 Bldg A, 1 Rivett Road North Ryde NSW 2113 1300 363 878 Visit for more information

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