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A step towards a healthier, happier you More people are now recognising the importance of good foot care as a way of eliminating health problems whilst discovering just how good retirement can be. Retirees in Australia are now more than ever, active, energetic, and looking to enjoy all the best adventures that life has to offer. Yet for many, annoying pain and discomfort, particularly pain associated with arthritis and diabetes gets in the way. Back pain, neck and knee problems, and poor sleeping patterns are all too familiar, but what many don't know, is that we could well be standing right on top of the solution without even realising it! Doctors and health professionals have recognised the link between the health of your feet and many common-place health issues facing Australian retirees these days. Justin Hogg, a senior podiatrist and co-founder of Australian company 3D Orthotics, points out that proper foot care and assessment is often overlooked by many, but is one of the most effective ways to prevent and manage pain associated not only with arthritis, but also with diabetes and many everyday ailments that affect Australian retirees. Arthritis and diabetes are two of the leading illnesses affecting Australian retirees, yet a number of simple steps can be taken to manage and control foot pain and discomfort associated with these conditions. "It can be as easy as going for a daily morning walk. Not only does this improve overall health, it also promotes blood circulation to the extremities in diabetics in particular, whilst keeping the majority of arthritis sufferers' joints mobile" recommends Hogg. Ensuring properly fitted footwear and precision orthotics is also incredibly important for these two demographics, but to date, traditional methods of fitting and making orthotics have largely been guess-work at best. Hogg explains that plaster moulds cannot pick up the unique contours and shape of each person's foot with any real precision, resulting in ill-fitting and uncomfortable products. Bringing new hope to arthritis and diabetes sufferers is 3D Orthotics, an Australian company that is pioneering new manufacturing technology combining the latest techniques in podiatry and engineering to provide greater levels of accuracy and precision in foot care. "We recognised the short-falls of traditional orthotics, as well as the limitations of traditional podiatry methods", explains Wesley McCombe, senior engineer and co-founder of 3D Orthotics. "Foot-related problems prevent many otherwise active and independent people from enjoying their retirement to the fullest. Orthotics are one of the main forms of pain and lifestyle management, but just aren't working as well as they should", McCombe says. With this in mind, 3D Orthotics was formed to provide podiatrists with a new and more precise method of treating foot-related conditions to improve the quality of life for sufferers of conditions such as lower limb pain, arthritis, and diabetes. McCombe explains how engineering techniques can advance podiatry beyond the limitations of traditional methods. 3D Orthotics' non-invasive 3D laser scanning process can be readily adopted by any podiatrist and takes less than a minute to complete, ensuring a fit that is truly customised to the exact requirements of each wearer. Combining 3D Orthotics virtual clinic and advanced manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing, the production of the orthotic and footwear gives greater comfort for each wearer and removes any 'wear-in' time. With Queensland's great weather, beaches and adventure, enjoying your retirement here is certainly one of life's great rewards. With this in mind, taking the time to properly care for your feet is perhaps one of the best steps you can take to discovering all that is on offer as you enjoy some of the best years of your life. 3D Orthotics - Brisbane Clinics MOUNT GRAVATT | WINDSOR | GOODNA Phone: 07 3040 1041 | Email: | Website: Superior Technology. Perfect fit. 3D Orthotics. Prescribing orthotics takes a great deal of knowledge, experience and insight. Our highly trained podiatrists are dedicated to knowing everything there is to know about lower limb pain and management and that means that you get the best consultation and the best results. You and your orthotics. Our unique orthotic development process gives an unrivaled degree of flexibility without loss of integrity. All of which means that we can customize your orthotic to treat your condition, fit-in with your lifestyle and footwear choices, while still providing the optimum corrective measures for you and your feet. For all other inquiries, including non-Brisbane locations, please email or call us directly to discuss your requirements. DIGITAL FOOT SCANNING. High accuracy digital foot scanning technology. COMPUTER MODELLING. Computer modeled orthotics for the perfect fit. 3D PRINTED. Because every orthotic is different. A TRULY PERSONAL PRODUCT. 100% For you. No moulds, no guess work, no pre-made products. Our unique processing procedure ensures that your orthotics are 100% customised to you and your foot. A truly personal product. At 3D Orthotics it really is all about you! RETIREMENT IS ALL ABOUT BEING ACTIVE. Superior Technology.

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