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MINE SPEC INVERTERS TRANSARC 130i & 170i TRANSTIG 170Ti Loaded with safety features, our Transarc 130i & 170i and 170Ti single-phase Mine Spec inverters are more efficient and easier to control than ever. • VRD ensures voltage at the Stick before you start is at zero volts • Integrated Fail To Safe will shut the unit down if voltage exceeds 35V whilst not welding and • Insulated plastic housing with an IP23S rating ensures your safety when working in confined spaces or outdoors. The 170i and 170Ti weight in at a slight 11kg and the 130i is a shade over 7kg, so you can throw one of these over your shoulder and get straight on with the job. When you are looking for a safe, power efficient and high performance machine you can't go past the Transarc 130i or 170i Mine Spec Inverters. With operator protection being paramount, the 130i & 170i are packed full of safety features including VRD that conforms to AS 1674.2, Fail to Safe and an insulated plastic housing that is IP23S rated. Your welding efficiency will also be enhanced as these units have exceptional arc start and run performance and include TIG shielding gas controls that eliminate wasted gas between welds. These Transarc units also have an optional TIG torch with remote control function that allows you to adjust your weld current setting from the torch while welding. The Transtig 170Ti is an expansion on the Mine Spec version, packed with all the same safety and functional features except with the addition of High Frequency Start in TIG mode. Ideal for those welding in confined spaces in the construction and maintenance of mining sites or for those more intricate welds as required in pipework. When you're looking for a better weld quality without contaminating your tungsten electrode, our high frequency 170Ti model raises the bar. You'll get a more positive arc start at a lower amperage setting – one that starts first time. So there'll be no more scratching and no more delays. INCLUDED ACCESSORIES DEADMAN SWITCH The stick electrode holder has a "Deadman Switch" which ensures that voltage at the electrode before you start is zero volts. Voltage then increases to 8V (VRD on) when the Operator presses the Deadman switch to start welding. The Mine Spec units are ideal for those welding in confined spaces specifically in construction and maintenance on mining sites. REINFORCED SUPPLY LEAD Units come fitted with a braided reinforced supply lead that reduces the chances of electric shock from a potentially damaged cord, a 15A supply plug that is IP66 rated which screws into place and forms a weather proof seal against damp, dirt and grime, and a heavy duty insulated plastic housing enclosure rated to IP23. BE THE BEST IN THE WELD WITH CIGWELD!

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