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Life Begins At.....

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CELEBRITY FEATURE it had 'Boys' Town' written across it, and I said to a Brother, "What's that? What's Boys' Town doing here?" And they said, "Well we run Boys' Town in Sydney." So I made an immediate decision that I was going to join that particular order and that I'd work at Boys' Town. I guess that's what led me to my decision, as a 15 year old I made up my mind to be a priest and work at Boys' Town. How did your parents react to that decision? My mum wasn't happy and she said, "I'll never talk to you again." That was in Year 11. She dropped me off at a dance, an old country dance, and she asked me when she picked me up what I was going to do and I told her I was going to be a priest. And she said, "Well I won't talk to you again." And I said, "You have to live with that, I'm fi ne; I know exactly what I've got to do." Then as I went on to Year 12, my parents were desperate for me to take a year off and at least have a gap year, not that we referred to it as a gap year in those days. And I told them that I'm not wasting one year, so I went off. It turns out that mum, not being a Catholic, thought that I would end up in a monastery and that she'd never be able to see me, and dad being a strong Catholic I think just THE RETIREE SUMMER 7

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