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GARDENING Flowers to sow – Marigolds Cheery, warmth-loving annuals, marigolds add bright touches of yellow and orange to summer gardens. But they also have some valuable pest-repelling properties. Sow seeds of the dwarf Yates Marigold Petite Yellow in patches throughout the garden. The strong marigold smell is said to confuse fl ying insect pests, thereby driving them away and preventing them from attacking garden plants. Feed November list Your TO DO Vegies to sow – Sweet corn Sweet corn plants don't really like being transplanted so it's best to sow seeds direct into well prepared garden beds. 'Well prepared' is the operative term. Plenty of manure and fertiliser dug into the soil before planting will help to ensure success. Don't forget that grouping corn plants in clumps will improve pollination, which is vital for cob development. Yates Uplift Organic Liquid Fertiliser is the ideal food to keep summer vegies (especially hungry corn) growing well. Uplift's fi ve ingredients work together to improve soil and, at the same time, promote vigorous and healthy growth. Prune Prune rambling roses – the ones that only fl ower in spring – now that their annual show is over. Feed with Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Roses. Pest watch Yates Tomato and Vegetable Dust is a combined insecticide, miticide and fungicide that can be used on all vegetables, except cucumbers, to control a wide range of common pest and disease problems. Tomatoes are very susceptible to diseases so it's critically important to protect them by regularly dusting the plants. Be wary— some dusts on the market only control insect pests and provide no protection from disease. Job fi le If you haven't already done so, spray your lawn with Confi dor Hose-On to protect it from the nasty, root- eating curl grubs that attack the grass during the warm weather. Confi dor Hose-On will provide months of protection. And, just as importantly, if you haven't yet fed your lawn do it this weekend. Slow release Yates Lawn Master continues feeding for close to three months. Plant of the month – Gardenia All those gardenias that were misbehaving in late winter and early spring are now looking much happier. They were simply waiting for warmer weather. However scale pests, and the accompanying sooty mould, will continue attacking gardenias right through the summer months so treat affected plants with Yates Scale Gun or Confi dor. These remedies will kill off the scale and the ugly sooty mould that discolours the leaves. Remove dead gardenia fl owers regularly. And a good feed with a long-lasting fertiliser – like Acticote or Garden Gold – will do wonders for gardenia plants. Summer herbs The garden's a happy place in November, with the promise of months of glorious warm weather to come. It's a month when summer fl owers are planted and vegetable patches are resurrected. And, while you're thinking and planning for the edible garden, don't forget about herbs. They can add so much fl avour and spontaneity to a range of dishes. THE RETIREE SUMMER 153

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