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W I T H T O N Y K A R A C S O N Y I T here are few eco-adventure cruises in the world, on par with those in the Galapagos Islands. With extraordinary wildlife, vibrant fi sh, azure waters, plus a swag of volcanoes, the Galapagos is quite simply, 'amazing'. Add to this a small cruise ship like the M/Y Eric with fi ne food and wine, enthusiastic nature guides, and you have an outstanding trip. Ecuador is a gateway to the Amazon, so after Galapagos, you can go on, to explore the cloud forests and jungles, using a string of superb nature and bird watching lodges. My son Chris and I, experienced the Galapagos together, showing, it is bucketlist adventure for all generations. He loves snorkeling, so we spent as much time as we could in the water. You can imagine our excitement at playing with marine Iguanas, Sea Lions and even Hammerhead Sharks underwater. Frigate Birds puff their red balloon-like throat pouches, while Sea Lions frollicked in the shallows, just magical.

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