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Life Begins At...Winter 2017

Life Begins At.....

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9 771834 848007 01 ISSN 1834-8483 I S S N 1 8 3 4 8 4 8 3 R R P $9.95 Ceberano By The Retiree "I think through music I'm trying to finesse and define things for myself and then hopefully give that experience to others." Kate P . 1 4 GOOD CARBS, BAD CARBS What to eat and Delicious recipes P . 1 8 C U L T U R E Seeing the Rhine River from a different vantage point P . 8 0 T R A V E L S W I T Z E R L A N D L I F E S T Y L E THE ORANGUTAN WHISPERER A day in the life of Leif Cocks P . 4 8 H E A L T H WINTER PROOFING THE SKIN Nourish the skin during the cooler months P . 6 4 W I N T E R 2 0 1 7

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